GRC Managed Services

(GRC as a Service)

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), Information Security (InfoSec) and Cybersecurity Managed Services

Implementing GRC is fairly complex and involves strong domain knowledge of controls, policies, workflows, regulations, vendors, software etc. and procuring a GRC system has its own challenges. Even after purchasing and implementing a GRC solution, resources have to be trained, retained and the solution needs to be adopted. In addition, the severe shortage of qualified GRC/Cybersecurity resources limits the ability of organizations to implement, adopt and run a robust GRC program. Increasing demands on security coupled with the complexity of implementing and running a GRC program and a severe skill shortage of qualified GRC resources is causing a perfect storm for CIO’s and CISO’s, with the result that many companies postpone GRC program decisions and continue to live with process debt (manual processes).

Exellor addresses these challenges by simplifying the implementation and ongoing management and maintenance of GRC functions by providing the software and the relevant GRC services.

Exellor provides a turnkey GRC as a Service (GRCaaS), Integrated Risk Management (IRM) as a Service managed service offering, which includes essential digital transformation of their current manual GRC processes and ongoing management, maintenance and support of routine GRC business processes. We automate by implementing a powerful, scalable GRC software for our customers and provide GRC Business Process Management (BPM) and ongoing management of routine/regular GRC tasks (such as vendor onboarding, vendor risk management, control testing, compliance gap assessments, setup, and managing and maintaining risk registers).

With these value-added services, CIOs and CISOs can be rest assured that they are meeting the organization’s needs by having a comprehensive GRC program which covers all key requirements around Risk, Compliance, Vendor, Audit, Policy and Incident and the right resources to ensure ongoing management and maintenance of the software and continuous compliance activities to mitigate risks for the enterprise.



  • Assess your current manual GRC processes and determine current state
  • Define activities that can be automated in the GRC software
  • Implement the GRC software with baseline data for the respective use cases
  • Develop and Document standard operating model/documents for managing GRC business processes using the software
  • Manage and maintain day-day GRC activities for your organization
  • Report metrics on SLA’s, status, trends, issues, progress frequently
  • Continous improvement of business processes

GRC Business Process Management (Managed GRC)

  • Compliance: Develop Information Security Plan for compliance with various regulations. We support over 50 regulations including the most common ones – PCI, SOC2, GDPR, ISO27001, FedRAMP, SOX, CCPA, NIST, CSF, CIS Top 20 etc. We setup Compliance use case using the GRC software and provide the framework and the controls and perform control attestations, follow up with control owners, log and follow up on issues, generate reports and dashboards on compliance
  • Incident Management: Investigate, track and respond to security threats, root cause analysis, reporting and tracking
  • Risk Management: Setup Risk on the GRC software, review, manage, document and track findings and Risk exceptions (full life-cycle management). Maintain a centralized Risk Register and enable users to report high risks to senior leadership and show where the risk was generated from, calculate overall risk levels based on your organization’s risk posture and likelihood and impact levels/types
  • Policy: Setup Policy use case on the GRC software, create policies and load into a centralized repository, link to surveys, assessments, risks, track approvals and policy attestations and report on non-compliance. We have pre-built Information Security policies that can be quickly tweaked to ensure fast time to implementation of Infosec policies
  • Third Party Vendor Risk Management: Manage end-end third party vendor risk management including vendor onboarding, vendor due diligence, inherent risk scoring and vendor classification, conduct vendor assessments, send vendor survey questionnaires (SIG/SIG Lite etc), follow up with vendors, continuous compliance monitoring, vendor issue management, vendor contract management, SLA and vendor performance management, on-site vendor control assessments, report on high risk vendors and working with vendors to ensure compliance. We support small companies just getting started with vendor risk and large enterprises with the most complex program requirements. With Exellor’s managed Vendor Risk Management program, customers quickly streamline their third-party risk management processes and ensure their results will stand up to regulatory scrutiny
  • Vulnerability Management: Ingest vulnerabilities from 3rd party tools such as Qualys, Nessus, Rapid 7 and create tickets in JIRA/ServiceNow for Vulnerability remediation
  • Bespoke GRC Services: GRC, Cybersecurity and Information Security services that are specific to the customer
  • GRC Software Management: Implementation and ongoing management of GRC Software such as configuration/setup, user administration, upgrade, reports/dashboard

Key Benefits of GRCaaS


Includes GRC software and services (implementation, ongoing management of GRC applications and GRC activities)

Fast Time to Value (TTV)

Get compliant faster; have a fully implemented GRC solution for your needs in the shortest time

No need to hire

Leave the business of running GRC to us. Free up internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives

Trusted Partner

Offload routine GRC tasks to a trusted compliance partner with a proven set of processes and methodologies for helping you achieve your compliance needs

Cost Effective

Reduce your cost of compliance. No need to evaluate, purchase and implement the software, hire and train resources etc. We manage all of it


Achieve digital transformation, reduce manual process debt


Achieve efficiency of continuous compliance through automation and repeatable processes


Defined cost structure, predictable processes, SLA and outcome based delivery for better budgeting and planning

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